The Reno Mustang Car Club is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Classic 1964-1/2 thru 1973 Ford Mustang Automobile.

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Carroll Shelby visits Reno, NV  - Oct 5, 2002

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Contact Information Board of Directors

bulletPresident:                 Ted Johnson
bulletVice Pres:                 Shirley Hopkins
bulletSecretary:                 Linda Romeo
bulletTreasurer:                 Cookie Donato
bulletSergeant at Arms:    Bob Ackerman
bulletMembership:            Andy Donato
bulletActivities:                  Dennis Romeo
bulletPublicity:                   Deborah Estrella
bulletNewsletter:               Peggy Clarey
bulletNewsletter:               Fred Conner 
bulletPast Pres:                Deborah Estrella
bulletCar Show Chair:     Bob Ackerman
bulletCar Show Chair:  
bulletApparels:                 Becca Donato
bulletChief Judge:            Paul Cottam        
bulletHistorian:                 Gary Whittmuss
bulletWebmaster :           Jim Elsmore   

Charter Members

bulletRon & Dianne Wheeler


bulletGeneral Information:

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